Everything you need

to develop a backend in your browser

Ever worried about all the dockers and environment setups you have tweaker just right? Don't worry about that anymore. Work with any browser, from any machine, right away!

Focus on

the development not the infrastructure

Forget about dozens of hours spent on server architecture, create systems that seem to have a mind of their own.

Deploy fully scalable solutions with just one click of a button. Manage your infrastructure and expand your project all from one simple dashboard . It's that easy

Other solutions

take your time and money

We allow you to get up and running right away, with the docs and no new languages. You can use a language you already know. Currently we fully support JavaScript & Groovy. PHP is still experimental, with more languages to come.

Get things done on time

using MARS you have to worry about less things

You can focus on what you do best - solving problems, with less code than ever! This leaves less room for mistakes , which in the end makes you faster (and less annoyed)!


Interested in trying it out for yourself?

Testers get free 4 month access, lifetime discount on our yearly offers and more!

Focus on your work

Enviroment is already setup

No enviroment setups, dependencies or libraries, get started immediately! Interact with your API as soon as they are written, host files and manage settings - everything throught your browser!

What people say

about MARS


There is just one thing I want to say. I tried your product after years of doing setup and deployment manually. I ain't going back!

Rachel Toll
Freelance developer

For me, the biggest value MARS brought was the amount of work I can do from a single platform. Everything is just there when you need it! I still can't wrap my head around why nobody thought of this earlier. Once it leaves Beta it will definitely change lives!

Victor Chavarria
Dev-Ops engineer

I work as a dev-ops at 40+ devs company and I gotta say, this is gonna be huge. We saw a unbelievable drop in bug reports and we went through 4 iterations on production with zero downtime, so you know it has to be some mad tech that's been built into MARS!

William Chester
Dev-Ops engineer

I have to be honest, nobody from our team is overly confident with server setup. We had so many problems with deployment over the past several projects so we decided to give anything a try. It would be an understatement to say that we where blown out of our minds! 5 minutes. That is how long it took us from uploading our files to first deployment! All I have to say is Thank you for creating this!

Ashley Fenton
Team Lead

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